The past, present, and future events of the Asian-German Studies in Music Working Group

Reading group, 1 February 2023 Online

Loges, Natasha. ‘Alenurkhan, Ananurhan: Worlding an Uyghur Folksong for the Western Classical Recital.’ In Special Issue of Jahrbuch Zentrum für Populäre Kultur und Musik: ‘World Music’ through a Postcolonial Lens – Current Debates in Theory and Practice. Forthcoming.

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Reading group, 1 December 2022 Online

Lubinski, Christina and Andreas Steen. ‘Traveling Entrepreneurs, Traveling Sounds: The Early Gramophone Business in India and China’. Itinerario 41, no. 2 (2017): 275–303.

Pow, Jun Kai. ‘Southeast Asian Music on German Records, 1906–1926’. Working manuscript.

Pre-IMS seminar, 8–9 August 2022 Online

Prior to the International Musicological Society Congress in Athens, we held a pre-conference seminar online. We invited interested researchers, teachers, and art practitioners to share work-in-progress in an open and supportive setting. Participants shared manuscripts of ca. 2500–6000 words in length (or work in any other appropriate format) with the seminar group two weeks in advance. In the seminar, each participant had 5 minutes to introduce their project before a 25-minute workshop discussion.

Presenters (in alphabetical order): Jan Creutzenberg, John Gabriel, Monika Hennemann, Amanda Hsieh, Elaine Kelly, Misako Ohta, and Junko Sonoda.

This pre-conference seminar was additional to the IMS Global Music History Study Group’s session during the IMS2022 Congress, which took place on Tuesday 23 August, 9.00 am – 12.00 pm (local time in Athens).

Roundtable panel, 12th Biennial International Conference on Music Since 190, 18 June 2022, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, UK

Roundtable panel, ‘Representing Asian-German Relations in Music at Home and Abroad’. Participants: John Gabriel, Amanda Hsieh, and Daniel Walden

Reading group, 1 June 2022 Online

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Trinh T. Minh-ha, director. Reassemble, 1982. 40 mins.

Reading group, 1 March 2022 Online

Chen, Kuan-Hsing. ‘Introduction: globalization and deimperialization’ and chapter 5 ‘Asia as method: overcoming the present conditions of knowledge production’, 1–16 and 211–255. In Asia as method: toward deimperialization. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2010.

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